Please Read This Section Regarding Individual Pricing

Prices are based on people who weigh 135 lbs or less. Someone weighing over 135 lbs should expect an increase in the cost of their surgery. Unfortunately we cannot offer the same price for each patient. The difficulty of surgery increases with more weight, loose skin, irregular scarring, old surgeries and other issues. For example, a patient who wishes to have the Brazilian Butt Lift who weighs 220 pounds with a large stomach and an old C-Section scar will probably have to pay $5600 instead of $4600 for the fat transfer including the first area of liposuction plus the transfer of fat to the buttocks. If the patient wishes to have liposuction of the front, sides, and back, it will probably be an additional $1200 for the back.  We do not recommend someone weighing 135 lbs or less to do only one area if they expect to see a dramatic change. For maximum results, many areas will be needed to take fat from to get a dramatic change.

Another example would be a patient who wants liposuction of the stomach only who weighs 220 pounds will probably pay $2400 instead of $1600 for the first area. The first area means exactly that, one area.

Breast Augmentation starts at $3200, however, if the patient has unequal breasts, needs lifting, or desires a more special implant, the price will obviously go up. In the case of Breast Reduction, the larger and more excess skin and breast tissue may cause an increase in the price of Breast Reduction.

The Facelift starts at $3900, however, for additional tightening of the neck or augmentation of the cheeks, there will obviously be additional pricing.

In the case of Abdominoplasty, for a straightforward procedure, the price starts at $4200, however, issues such as hernias, muscle problems, bold scars, and very large areas of skin or fat will cause an increase in the work and therefore the price.