Special Research in the field of breast surgery


Endoscopy mastectomy

Dr. Lewis Friedlander has performed some amazing work in the area of advancing the surgical treatment of breast cancer. This article, which was published in 1995 from his work at Yale University, set a mile-stone for references for years to come regarding the use of endoscopic surgery to treat breast and axillary lesions with decreased scarring and morbidity. 



Endoscopic harvesting of the latissimus dorsi

 Dr. Friedlander has performed extensive research and published original articles about new techniques for breast and abdominal wall reconstruction that have been referenced by many surgeons in publications since 1994. 



Minimally invasive harvesting of the rectus abdominis myofascial flap

Dr. Lewis Friedlander's research has included techniques for the advancement of abdominal wall and urogenital reconstruction that has minimized scarring, pain, and encouraged healing. His work has been referenced in this area by many authors, since 1994.


invited speaker for surgical oncology conference


From johnson and johnson

Johnson and Johnson sponsored Dr. Friedlander to speak about his research and new techniques of endoscopic surgery


From the director of Cancer CEnter in Missouri

Surgical Oncologists have recognized Dr. Friedlander's contribution to the treatment and advancement of breast cancer management.