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Look young again! Get rid of brow lines, crows feet, smile lines, laugh lines, lip lines, and baggy eyes

The concept of facelifting has changed dramatically in the last ten years. The old concept of overtightening the skin to achieve a young look is way behind us.

Much more sophisticated concepts have come into play which involve repositioning deeper tissues to a highter position and even filling hollowed areas with fat such as the upper cheeks, lower eyelids, and around the mouth. There is much less need to pull skin tight.

We have replaced the big open incisions with much smaller separate incisions in key locations. This approach minimizes visible scars, allows faster healing, and gives an opportunity to reposition tissues in multiple directions to allow natural draping.

This younger lady had early skin looseness and tissue dropping. By using an incision behind the hairline, all of the tissues were raised up and back. In addition, fat was removed from her stomach and placed in her cheeks to refill her lower lids and creating a more shapely face. Despite the make-up after surgery, the difference in the shape of her face is obvious.

In this case, a similar pattern of looseness and dropping of tissue was seen in this female who had now quit smoking after many years but was left with much wrinkling and loss of tissue around the mouth. Along with lifting the tissues, fat was used to fill in the hollow areas, particularly around the mouth. Even the after surgery make-up does not hide the definite fullness around the mouth which gives her a much more youthful appearance.

See Dr. Friedlander Performing a Facelift Facial Rejuvenation

In this video, fat is taken out of the stomach and inserted into the face to reduce the patient’s wrinkles that occur with age.

Other examples of Facelift Procedures performed at our cosmetic surgery center in Atlanta, Georgia