Breast Augmentation / Saline Breast Implants starting at $3200

Here at Image Cosmetic Center, we have performed thousands of breast augmentations and have used the technique of both above and below the muscle with great success. Putting an implant above the muscle has gained enormous popularity among surgeons in the past several years.

Although placing an implant below the muscle used to be considered the best technique for many reasons, all of those reasons have now been questioned, and there is probably no definite proof that there is a perfect choice. Going above the muscle offers many advantages such as less pain, quicker recovery, and is often the preferred choice for creating a lifting effect of the breast in cases where some sagging is present.

This occurs because the top of the implant is allowed to expand out and take up some of the loose skin. This causes a lifting of the nipple and lower breast. This lifting effect is greatly reduced by placing the implant under the muscle where the top of the implant is squeezed down.

Although at one time it was felt that placing the implant below the muscle was better for the purpose of obtaining mamograms, the radiologists now report that this does not necessarily help in detecting breast cancer. Therefore, the oncologic advantage of above or below the muscle is open to interpretation.

Additionally, for a long time, it was believed that placing the implant below the muscle reduced the complication of later capsule formation around the implant. This has not proven to be definitely true. Capsule formation or hardness of the pocket can occur in either case.

Finally, the complication known as rippling was thought to be eliminated by under the muscle placement. This has not been shown to be true, and filling the implant properly above the muscle will often reduce or eliminate rippling.

However, it is hard and sometimes impossible to create a perfect result. Breast Augmentation uses a perfectly round or cylinder shaped implant to go inside sometimes unequal breasts that are less than perfectly shaped.

Sometimes, revisions of implants is considered not a complication, but part of the process of breast augmentation surgery. The ideal result is sometimes not achievable on the first try. Although no one wants a second procedure, some people insist on trying to correct certain details that are difficult to control.

Exciting New Procedure

The image to the right is of a piece of medical human irradiated dermis specially treated to act as a scaffold to create new tissue growth.

This is a procedure which we are now using for reconstruction in breast abdomen extremities and head and neck surgery.

This is an exciting new concept in tissue regeneration which gives us another step in the ladder of regenerating tissue where we need it.

Breast Augmentation Patient Testimonial

“I had/have the BEST experience with Dr. F! I am out of surgery and in very minimal pain! He took his time made me feel comfortable and gave me realistic goals. His staff was so friendly, cutting up with me to help with my anxiety and made me feel so comfortable!!! Anesthesiologist was so friendly and explained everything until I went to sleep! I never felt so safe going under before and I am so happy he fixed what my first doctor didn’t do. Can’t wait to see how my implants turn out they are already awesome! Minimal swelling and I’m able to move around!

Thank you Doctor!!!”

Breast Augmentation Patient Testimonial

“Having been in the medical field myself, I knew the importance in inquiring about the best professional qualified in performing my surgery, (breast augmentation). Being referred to by another professional, I inquired about Dr. Friedlander, and found his years of experience and knowledge in his profession was outstanding. He and his staff expressed great concern in listening to my questions and concerns as a patient. He explained the procedure and expectations to achieving my desired goal completely. Having being given very attentive attention and care before and after surgery, with a very positive outcome, resulted in a very pleased patient.”

Some Breast Augmentation Procedures performed at our center in Atlanta, Georgia