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Brazilian Butt Lift SPECIAL
$9750 $4800
Includes 2 areas of liposuction with fat transfer
Offer good till May 31, 2019

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The Best Price for the Best Service in the Country Starting at $4800*
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Pricing will increase according to weight, size, and number of areas.

*Unfortunately, we cannot offer the same price for each patient. The difficulty of surgery increases with more weight, loose skin, irregular scarring, old surgeries, and other issues. For example, a patient who wishes to have the Brazilian Butt Lift who weighs 220 pounds with a large stomach and an old C-Section scar will probably have to pay $5600 instead of $4600 for the fat transfer including the first area of liposuction plus the transfer of fat to the buttocks. If the patient wishes to have liposuction of the front, sides, and back, it will probably start at an additional $1200 for the back. We do not recommend someone weighing 135 lbs or less to do only one area if they expect to see a dramatic change. For maximum results, many areas will be needed to take fat from to get a dramatic change.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is derived from the recent advances in the understanding of the use of fat transferred from one part of the body to another. By using liposuction to harvest fat which is then specially treated in antibiotic solution and filtered to remove any other non-solid products such as liquid, the fat in its purest form can be placed in special syringes and injected into tissue such as the buttocks by tiny holes allowing the fat to survive in a new location.

If the proper amount is used, the fat will take on a new form and survive in a cylinder-shaped pocket almost completely in its full form.

Although a slight loss will take place as some of the fat is transferred and becomes liquefied, most will take on what is believed to be a permanent addition to the tissue and will increase the volume predictably.

The lift of the butt occurs because the fat is placed mostly in the upper and middle portion of the buttocks, causing the skin to shift upwards. The lift is accentuated sometimes by liposuction of the lower buttocks to shape and enhance the curve of the part of the buttocks that meets that back of the leg.

By reducing the lower part of butt and augmenting the upper part, the lift effect has been maximized. Although some debate continues in plastic surgery science about what happens to the fat after it is relocated, a permanent and definite change can almost always be seen in a properly performed procedure.

About Dr. Friedlander – Augusta, GA Medical School Alumni

Dr. Friedlander is a Board Certified Surgeon who graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and moved on to Emory University, Piedmont Hospital (to do further surgical training), and Yale University in Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut.

Dr. Friedlander did his plastic surgery training fellowship at the University of Miami Florida and a breast fellowship in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Tino Mendieta, a well-known plastic surgeon in Miami, FL, and Dr. Friedlander’s friend, showed him the technique for Brazilian Butt Lift beginning in 2000. Dr. Friedlander became the first person in Georgia to perform the Brazilian Butt Lift and has performed over 1000 more since.

There have been numerous cases performed at our surgery center with good results and no complications. Our surgery center has streamlined the procedure so that we are able to offer pretty competitive prices in comparison to other cosmetic surgery centers in Atlanta.


Can I get my butt as big as I want it to be?
There are several limitations on how big the butt can become. We can only put in what fat we can take out. How much bigger will your butt can become depends on how much fat you have, that is, what is available for fat transfer. In addition, the skin and fibers of the butt often will not allow a large amount of fat to be added at one time. But, usually, enough fat can be added to make a difference. Sometimes, people who are on a “budget” will say that they only want one area of liposuction. Usually, one area will not be enough to create the difference that you want. We have to advise people if you’re limiting how much fat is to be removed, then you limit how big the butt can become. This is why it’s important to work with an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

People must be informed that regardless of the surgeon that performs the Brazilian Butt Lift, a large volume of the fat transferred will dissolve. Some recent reports have indicated that this may be up to 50%. This was discussed at a recent national aesthetic meeting, sponsored by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Therefore, it is also important to overfill the areas to compensate for this volume loss.

It will take about two to three months for the final shape and volume of the buttocks to become apparent. At that point, what is left is permanent. It is always possible to add more fat later if the patient wishes to have an additional procedure which would require an additional charge.

Can fat transfer get rid of dimpling in my buttocks?
Fat transfer may help some dimpling. However, it is important to realize that in many cases there is an additional step that must be taken to release the bands inside the buttocks that cause the dimpling. This can be done through a very small incision with a small cutting blade that can be on the end of a long passer, which allows many bands to be cut from one small hole. This is very important to allow the skin to rise up before putting the fat underneath.

Unfortunately, dimpling and cellulite are conditions which are ongoing and create new areas every several months. This often remains a very difficult problem in many cases.

What is the recovery from this procedure like?
The pain and discomfort from this procedure are pretty modest. Most patients can return to a desk job within two to three days. We recommend that patients can sit on soft furniture or cushions without any concerns. The area of fat transfer is usually above the area that patients put their weight on while sitting.

How safe is this procedure?
Be very careful about choosing a physician to perform this procedure. A Brazilian Butt Lift, if not performed properly, can have devastating and even fatal consequences. The American Society of Plastic Surgery has warned that this surgery contains serious risks. The risks come from the unintended injection of fat into large blood vessels under the muscles. If this occurs, the fat can travel to the heart and then to the lungs, blocking oxygen exchange. At Image Cosmetic Center, we prevent this from happening by preventing accidental injection into the large vessels by positioning our patients on their sides with their hips flexed. This prevents the muscle from being injected. We only inject in the superficial space which gives adequate results and safe outcomes.