Lewis Duke Friedlander, MD

Latest News: Dr. Friedlander scored higher than most in the Self-Assessment Examination for Surgeons in Practice. Below are his percentage rankings of all surgeons in 2017 that took the test:

  • Comprehensive – 91%
  • Hand and Lower Extremity – 95%
  • Craniomaxillofacial – 94%
  • Breast and Cosmetic – 94%
  • Core Surgical Principals – 90%

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Dr. Lewis Friedlander, M.D. has been practicing plastic surgery in Atlanta, GA since 1995. One of his great teachers, Dr. Ralph Millard, M.D., who passed away in 2011, referred to Dr. Friedlander as one of the toughest and most determined surgeons he has ever met. Dr. Millard believed that Dr. Friedlander took excellent care of patients.

Dr. Friedlander is a member of The Ralph D. Millard Plastic Surgery Society & Educational Foundation and did additional fellowship training in breast surgery and orbital oculo-plastic surgery in Atlanta, GA.  In 2012, Dr. Friedlander was selected as Physician of the Year by the American Board of Physician Specialists Academy of Surgery.

Dr. Friedlander has done research and published articles on innovative surgical techniques relating to eye and vision restorationbreast surgerymuscle surgery, and fat removal techniques which he uses in his practice today.

He has also worked with medical students from local medical schools and been given the appointment as clinical assistant professor of surgery and plastic surgery. Dr. Friedlander’s background and additional certification in emergency medicine and trauma has given him the ability to insure the safest environment for performing surgery.

Plastic Surgery Credentials

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