Understanding the Details of Liposuction

There are several methods of doing liposuction.  Recently, laser lipo has become a popular request.  Many people believe because a laser is involved, they will automatically get a better result.  This is not true.

The laser is simply a tool.  The success depends on who is using it.  There is also some misunderstanding that people believe with laser, there is no reason to have anesthesia.  This also is not true.

For a deep liposuction, some type of anesthesia other than local is needed to obtain thorough removal of fat.  In many cases, surgeons will use traditional lipo after laser because the traditional lipo is still needed to remove the fat.

Liposuction is best performed in a qualified facility with an experienced surgeon with extensive experience, and for deep removal of fat, some type of anesthesia given by qualified persons is desirable.

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