Successful Facelift in 1 Hour

This technique used at Image Cosmetic Center is a variation of the standard open procedure in our institution.

We have found a very successful technique of facial rejuvenation by utilizing an incision just behind the forehead hairline that extends from the top of the head all the way down to the neck through a small (roughly 3 inches) incision that is completely hidden.  This incision goes in a very superficial/shallow plane which is very safe.  This incision with the use of special light equipment allows us to successfully lift the face, cheek, and jaw tissues up to their original, youthful position.

This gives an immediate improvement in the forehead, crows feet, lower lids, cheek pads, and jawline.  It also avoids large, open incisions and cutting while replacing the tissues to their younger look without creating a stretched tight look.  Sometimes additional fat is removed from the lower part of the face and transferred to the upper part to enhance the lift.  This surgery and recovery are significantly faster than the traditional technique.

Here is an example of an attractive female who wanted definite improvement with minimal downtime.  These results are one month after surgery and show a dramatic, youthful improvement.

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