Not at All Butt Lifts and Fat Transfers are the Same

There appears to be some scientific evidence to support the logical conclusion that the larger more well-preserved fat globules with the surrounding connective tissue may have a better survival rate once transferred than smaller traumatized fat cells which may lose their shape and strength.

What this means in terms of practical application is that the use of almost exclusively white and yellow well-preserved fat has a better chance of giving a patient a longer lasting increase in size of their buttocks. When surgeons harvest the fat, techniques that reduce the trauma to the fat that is captured in the bottle and then placed in the buttocks are not all the same quality.

Techniques that give larger and less traumatized fat are preferred in this center. When we transfer fat, it is almost exclusively high quality and solid as opposed to liquefied fat. This seems to make a big difference in appearance and long lasting result of our patients.

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