Complicated Rhinoplasty Details of Planning and Performing

In many cases, surgeons will avoid shortening of the nose when it is necessary because of the difficulty and predictability. The technique of shortening the nose to decrease the projection is a feature that is commonly requested in Hollywood by models and actresses. In our case, this beautiful young lady came in requesting just an improvement in her nose.

With one look, it is clear that she needed shortening of the nose, a slight nasal tip elevation, lowering of the top of the nose, and thinning of the sides of her nose from the front.

Rhinoplasty Pre-Operative Views

Going through small incisions inside the nose to avoid any scar outside, the plan would be to:

  1. Reduce the upper bony nasal bones using a file to contour without breaking the bones and lowering the bridge and narrowing the side.
  2. Reducing the flare of the bone and facial prominence near the cheeks to create a much more tapered nose.

From the side view, the above image shows the need for:

  1. Lowering of the bony and cartilage bridge.
  2. Shortening of the nose projection making the nose closer to the face.
  3. Raising the tip slightly to give more definition.

All of these procedures were done through intranasal incision which avoided any visible scar.

Rhinoplasty Post-Operative Views

  1. Post-operative frontal view shows successful completion of one thinning and narrowing of the upper bone.
  2. Thinning and tapering of the bony nose-face junction at the cheeks to create a more tapered and feminine appearance. There are no visible incisions.

Post-operative view shows successful completion of:

  1. Smooth continuous lowering of the bridge of the nose for a more tapered look.
  2. Shortening of the nose moving it closer to the face to create less projection.
  3. Slight elevation of the tip for a more refined look.

All of these steps were created with no visible incisions.

Image Cosmetic Center has performed over 400 rhinoplasty procedures at our cosmetic surgery center in Atlanta.

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